War Geeta

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War Geeta

The Vengeful Warmonger.

A member of the War Champions. The last member recruited, encountered in the Multiversal Black Market after saving them from Girida, who was sent to attack them by Malva.

Her Paldea was destroyed with a nuclear weapon by a mysterious assailant (later revealed to have been Karsum, the being responsible for the Warmongers, who was deliberately trying to make her become a Warmonger), which killed all the people and Pokémon in the region except her, as her powers activated and allowed her to create a shield just in time. She has the power of the souls of the people and Pokémon of Paldea, and she deals with the incorporeal to communicate and see dead spirits, create Spooky Shields, and place Haunted Seals capable of holding back even universe corruption for a time. Though she has very strong defensive powers, her offensive capabilities are somewhat less potent than those of the other War Champs.

Can interact with rifts to the Dark Aether and ensure safe passage for a time.

Often doesn't get along with War Diantha due to their differences.

After War Diantha leaves to the Dark Aether, War Geeta leaves the team due to feeling betrayed by her, as she had been stringing them along with lies. War Geeta ends up working with several corruption-fighting organisations, becoming experienced in determining corruption percentage and purifying these universes, as she wishes to ensure no more universes have to suffer the date her Paldea did. War Steven, War Cynthia, War Wallace, and War Alder seek her out on their quest to save War Diantha, as they need her powers to open a rift to the Dark Aether. She agrees to help them when they lie to her that they are seeking to un-corrupt a universe, hiding their true goal of saving War Diantha. Later, when she finally opens the rift, she realises she was being lied to and War Alder accidentally reveals that they were trying to rescue War Diantha the whole time. This causes an argument to break out that results in War Geeta abandoning the team once more, though she begrudgingly leaves the rift open.

After War Steven and War Wallace leave the Dark Aether, they reunite with War Geeta and make amends with her, joining her on her adventures. They learn at a meeting for an anti-corruption organisation that a bizarre irregularity has caused a universe with almost no corruption to mutate and jump to 95% corruption, which they alert the others about. This causes the War Champions (except War Lance) to reform to face the new threat of the Tumourruption.


  • She is the only War Champion to not permanently abandon her Pokémon. She instead left them at the Multiversal Black Market's Pokémon Nursery along with the stolen Pokémon that Girida left behind when defeated.