War Alder

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War Alder

The Brutish Warmonger.

War Alder is a member of the War Champions who has the Warmonger power of enhanced strength. He repeatedly flirts with War Cynthia, much to War Diantha's annoyance. However, War Cynthia tries to ignore him, probably not even realising his intent.

He originates from a universe in which he was stuck in lockdown on an island with the other Champions. War Alder was ostracised by them, but maintained his regular disposition. When he received his Warmonger powers, he lost control and killed everyone else. By the time the War Champions arrive to recruit him, he has calmed down, and joins them hoping to alleviate his loneliness. He ends up being very disliked by his new team for his annoying, overly friendly personality and low intelligence (though he somehow does not realise this), but they keep him around due to his Warmonger power of super strength, as he is the most physically strong member of the team.

When War Diantha goes to the Dark Aether, War Alder decides to stay with the team to help save her due to his unrequited respect for her. When the team re-encounters War Leon in a universe overrun by criminal gangs, War Alder tries War Leon's substances, which gives him a new outlook on life (he has a much greater tolerance than a regular human due to being a Warmonger). His personality changes, he learns to use his powers more effectively, and he becomes closer with War Leon. He also finally realises the others disliked him and understands why, but his respect for them is unchanged. His epiphanies lead to him writing stories.

His mistake at blurting out War Diantha's name (or at least something similar) causes War Geeta to abandon the group again when they reach the Dark Aether. War Alder ends up also departing with War Leon, who he now follows around.

Once the Tumourruption threatens the multiverse, War Alder and War Leon rejoin the War Champions.

War Alder is often disliked by his peers, going as far as to give him the worst room in their base. It has many leaky holes, but he uses it to store random sticks and rocks he has acquired (although the latter is often stolen by War Wallace and given to War Steven). He once gave War Cynthia a copy of Frozen (originally discarded by War Diantha due to realising it didn't suit the recipient's tastes), to her dislike.