War Steven

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War Steven

The Rock-Hard Warmonger.

This Warmonger is buddies with War Wallace in particular. Warmonger powers include being able to draw out the magic of rocks and wield them geokinetically. After his powers are upgraded from the negotiations with Manager Musrak he gains the ability to sense unknown information concerning rocks.

He gets his shipments of rocks on Saturdays, which became known to the group as ‘Stone Saturday’. His most prized rock is a Splitter Crystal that he doesn't realise has portal-making powers.

Skilled at translating for War Wallace.

At first, he is rather suspicious of War Diantha and whatever she’s scheming, and he alerts the other War Champs after learning of her plan. However, he decides to give her a second chance and becomes quite the good stand-in leader of War Wallace, War Cynthia, and War Alder when they're looking for a way into the Dark Aether to rescue War Diantha. Afterwards, he forms a trio with War Geeta and War Wallace for a while. After the Tumourruption seeks the other War Champions (excluding War Lance) they all team up again.

Currently with the War Champions.