War Diantha

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War Diantha

The Stealthy Warmonger.

War Diantha when fighting Malva

The leader of the War Champions. She is an Apex Warmonger and her powers include creating portals enabling travel throughout the multiverse. She also excels at disguises and stealth missions. She takes herself very seriously at all times.

She was in a relationship with the manipulative Cynthia of her own universe, who ended up trying to kill her for reasons at Sendoff Spring (where the separation between universes is thinner). However, Diantha was able to kill Cynthia instead. Diantha started crying red tears and awakened her Warmonger powers, choosing the Warmonger life. She killed Looker in rage and crossed into the multiverse. Unsure of her precise goal, she decided to start recruiting other Warmongers to her team. Little did she know she'd go on a path to become quite like the monster of a Cynthia she once destroyed ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

After the team was complete, War Diantha was contacted by the mysterious Manager Musrak, who she got along well with. The two collaborated to create the True Ultimate Weapon, using their Warmonger team to help them but keeping their true goals a mystery. They succeeded in building the weapon, but Musrak finally revealed himself in person as Karsum and betrayed them, wanting the weapon for himself. War Diantha tried to both claim no responsibility and stop the others from destroying the weapon. After a confusing fight where it wasn't entirely clear who was on whose side (until some clarification from War Steven), the True Ultimate Weapon was destroyed before it could be used and Karsum was cursed to the Dark Aether. However, War Diantha felt sorry for him and cursed herself to the Dark Aether as well.

War Diantha lived in the Dark Aether with Karsum for some time and became good friends with him. She also decided to throw some rocks through portals for a laugh. When War Cynthia, War Steven, and War Wallace eventually came to ‘rescue’ War Diantha, War Cynthia ended up staying in the Dark Aether together with her while War Steven and Warllace left. However, the War Champions later reunited to fight the multiverse-threatening Tumourruption.

Initially, War Diantha has little respect from most of her team, except War Alder (whose friendliness annoys her) and War Cynthia. After War Steven exposes her plot with the True Ultimate Weapon, the team largely turns on her, feeling betrayed. Bitterness about War Diantha and disagreement about whether to save her caused the team to split up a couple times. However, after living with Karsum, War Diantha inexplicably redeems herself and she is able to make amends with her fellow Warmongers.


  • Ate cigarettes once (didn’t know she was meant to smoke them).
  • Likes War Cynthia, not that she'd admit to it.
  • Would do an Undertale Genocide route.
  • The only instance of an Apex Warmonger to not have blue eyes.
  • Initially dyed her boa thing black, but later removed it because War Cynthia kept stroking it.
  • Unusual among Warmongers in that she willingly became one rather than unwillingly.
  • Dislikes bad wraps.