Multiversal Black Market

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The Multiversal Black Market is a hub of activity in the Pokémon multiverse and a common destination for many who travel between universes. Despite its name, it technically isn't a black market as there are no laws against all the trade conducted there. It is frequented by the War Champions.


  • The coffee shop owned by the War Champions, War Staryubucks, is located here. The rival brand Starbyss is here as well.
  • Skyla and Elesa run a shop called Blue's & Volt's where they sell weapons, mainly guns and ammo, as well as certain strange drugs and incense that came from Ultra Wormholes. The couple running the shop are rumoured to be "Raw" variants.
  • The guy from the Stow-on-Side market who somehow digs up one-of-a-kind artifacts is here, selling his one-of-a-kind artifacts. He sold Girida the Red Chain.
  • A businessman from the Unova region sells Casteliocones, a knock-off of Casteliacones said to be from Castelio City (which doesn't actually exist). Despite being cheap knock-offs, they are War Cynthia's favourite ice cream brand.
  • There is a Pokémon Nursery that looks after people's Pokémon for them. War Geeta left her Pokémon here, as well as the stolen Pokémon that Girida left behind after her defeat.