War Cynthia

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War Cynthia

The Gourmet Warmonger.

War Cynthia with a Casteliocone

War Cynthia first notices her ice powers after Diantha dies in the snowstorm after running away from the lodge North of Snowpoint City. She gets put in The Hunger Games with 47 other contestants and against the odds wins. Becomes an Ice Cream Drunk and is recruited while purchasing Casteliocones in the Multiversal Black Market but War Diantha doesn’t seem to want to be around her. War Cynthia’s Warmonger powers allow her to manipulate liquids- particularly blood, and freeze them. At some point she dyes part of her hair crimson for quirkiness, leading her to be known by outsiders as the ‘Crimson Blonde’.

Joins War Steven, War Wallace, and War Alder to go on a quest to retrieve her love <3 from the Dark Aether. Chooses to stay there for a while and live with War Diantha and Karsum (who teleports in huge amounts of Casteliocones for her), but eventually leaves to regroup with the others and fight the Tumourruption.


  • She hates the movie Frozen.
  • She is capable of befriending Giratina using Spicy Poffins.
  • She is the only Warmonger able to get drunk by consuming ice cream.