War Malva

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Malva is a malicious reporter who pursues the War Champions in an attempt to expose War Diantha and War Cynthia's apparent relationship, culminating in her sending Girdia to destroy them. She travels the multiverse with her underlings Camera Guy, Kathi Lee, and Microphone Guy.

Malva harbours resentment for the Warmongers, being the ex-girlfriend of a Diantha from her original universe. However, she fails to realise that War Diantha is not the same Diantha until being killed by her.

She is believed to be dead at War Diantha's hands, but later wakes up, having survived. Beginning her transformation into a Warmonger, War Malva almost gains molten powers, but Karsum decides against creating another Warmonger and cuts off the transformation, leaving Malva to crumble and die for real.