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Girida is the codename of a feared, strong mercenary who travels the multiverse. She barely has morals and will do anything she is hired to do if the pay is good enough, including murder. She wields powerful Pokémon that she stole from across the multiverse and breaks taboo by carrying more than six at once as she pleases. She wears an elaborate outfit that obscures her face, modelled after both the Legendary Pokémon Giratina and the leader of the ancient Sinnohan Pearl Clan Irida (hence her codename). She owns a powerful Red Chain she bought in the Multiversal Black Market at a high price from a guy from Stow-on-Side, Galar, allowing her to subdue and wield almost any powerful Pokémon.

No one knows her true identity, and she's not even sure if she herself remembers. In truth, she's an evil version of Geeta from another universe, but she hasn't gone by that name in ages (she doesn't remember how long).

After Malva's repeated losses to the War Champions, hiring Girida to destroy them is her last resort. Girida waits with Malva and her crew for the War Champs to arrive in the Multiversal Black Market, and fights them when they finally arrive. At this point, the team only has seven members and they are inexperienced at using their powers, so Girida overpowers them and almost wins, but they are saved when War Geeta arrives and narrowly manage to win, even when Girida calls on Giratina from the Distortion World. After her defeat (the first one she ever remembers experiencing), her mask breaks and she quickly runs away, deciding to avoid Warmongers from now on. She leaves behind her Pokémon, which War Geeta leaves at the Black Market's Pokémon Nursery along with her own Pokémon, while Giratina returns to the Distortion World after being given some Spicy Poffins by War Cynthia.