War Lance

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War Lance

The Draconic Warmonger.

War Lance is a member of the War Champions. His powers involve being able to throw kunai with high accuracy and transform into a dragon, although this ability is on occasion mocked by other members. He takes himself and (initially) the mission very seriously, but he originally had a tendency to simply do as he was told rather than take the lead. This changed after War Diantha's betrayal and he became more independent and assertive after leaving the group. He likes knives and has a collection of them, initially intending to use them in battle but later just collecting them for a hobby.

Before he became a Warmonger, Lance went through a great depression when accused of table theft, feeling hurt that people thought he could be responsible despite him seeing himself as such an honourable person. When he visited the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City for guidance, it came under attack from some renegade ex-Team Rocket members and ended up getting burnt down, killing his friend Clair and others. He became War Lance and was the only one who escaped the fire thanks to his draconic Warmonger powers, with which he destroyed the attackers. He also gained the Warmonger power of time travel (only affecting the universe it is used in), but this power was unstable and he lost it after using it for the first time. He travelled some years into the future, when the Indigo League had fallen apart without him, and he was distraught. However, he encountered the War Champs looking to recruit him, and he joined them due to feeling that there was nothing else left for him.

Once War Diantha betrays the team and goes to the Dark Aether, War Lance abandons his Warmonger life and team and starts his new career as a Pokémon Trading Card Game player in a universe with Pokémon cards instead of real Pokémon. When he meets the remnants of the group trying to save War Diantha, he remains skeptical and refuses to rejoin or help them. After he wins a TCG tournament that they entered and becomes a famed celebrity in this world, the War Champs try to steal the special rock he won. They fail to steal it when they attempt a stealthy heist, but War Lance lets them take it anyway as he just wants them to leave him alone.

He is briefly summoned in the Dark Aether against his will by Karsum when War Cynthia reunites with War Diantha. He soon returns home to the TCG universe.

War Lance is initially the only War Champ to not reunite with the group once the multiverse-threatening Tumourruption event begins. Once the TCG universe collides with the Tumourruption and is destroyed by it, War Lance's Warmonger powers enable him more protection than the other citizens. This allows him to crawl out into the Dark Aether Wilds, but he is then forced by Karsum to recite his summoning chant by torturing him and threatening his life, even draining his Warmonger powers during the torture, turning him back into regular old Lance. Karsum then faints during his confrontation with the War Champions, giving Lance a chance to reunite with them. They mistake him for a civilian and tell him to get to safety, but he explains that he is ex-War Lance. Though he is still surprised that War Diantha has been forgiven, he rejoins the team as there is a greater threat to worry about and he wants to pretend the destruction of the TCG universe hasn't ruined his life again. During the final battle with Musrak possessing the Tumourruption, he manages to grab and consume Lance, who is now unprotected due to his lack of Warmonger powers, causing him to be vaporised and killed.


  • He was the first Warmonger to canonically die.
  • He smiles the least out of the War Champions. He rarely emotes in general, though he did cry after the destruction of the TCG universe.