War Wallace

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War Wallace

The Tender Trillmonger.

A member of the War Champions and besties with War Steven. Often known as Warllace for short.

Originates from a universe where Champions were getting fused with their Pokémon. An attempt to de-fuse Wallace went horribly wrong and he is forever separated from his friends (and husband), cursed to be fused with his Milotic (Tsunami) for eternity.

Being a Milotic, he struggles to communicate with most humans. However, War Steven can understand his trills thanks to his powers or their bond or maybe a bit of both. Warllace tends to just stick with War Steven and not think for himself much so he's kinda useless at making plans. Good at battling though. His Warmonger powers are amped-up Milotic powers.

During the battle against Karsum, Warllace uses a Z-Move with War Steven's help, but the Z-Crystal breaks after the first use due to the unusually large amount of power that Warllace holds as a result of being a Warmonger.

Often steals War Alder’s rocks and gives them to War Steven.