The Hoover

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The Hoover is the friend/rival of The Crusher, under him in the Boisterous Four, and the brawn to his brains. He is a member of the Crushin' Crew who more recently began making a name for himself. His skills include arm wrestling, heavy lifting, and playing the piano. He is constantly trying to prove his superiority over The Crusher - his most impressive qualities include his peculiarly optimised thumbs and his immense physical strength, which surpasses even that of The Crusher. He's also a cunning wordsmith who initially tried to cast doubt on his membership in the Boisterous Four when interviewed, but The Crusher later confirmed his true status as second-in-command. However, The Crusher later demoted him to third after his lack of contribution to the Battles of Beluga, promoting The Labourer in his stead. The rivalry between The Crusher and The Hoover is strong, which appears to be the secret to their successful teamwork. The Hoover is often seen carrying his trademark black water bottle, and is fact a capable water bottle mechanic.