The Anti-Shagger

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The Anti-Shagger, also known by the alias Kieth the Thief, is a close associate/friend of The Crusher and a member of the Boisterous Four (and by extension the Crushin' Crew). He apparently is in charge of devising new techniques for the team. There's a certain knackery to such attackery that he possesses in excess (despite his lackery of nasal cartilage). Similar to The Crusher, he was at one time a chronic thief, most notably being the gnomemaster who commanded a squadron of Bolivian gnomes to steal The Crusher's prized toaster. But the two have since reconciled and become close friends. As in the Crushin' Crew's concept of close friends who constantly compete in combat collectively to contribute to complete collaborative camaraderie. He's thought to be a skilled jigger.