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The Super Mario generic species characters refers to a group of characters in the Super Mario franchise who are considered to have little to no difference than the average member of their species. In some more extreme cases, this has applied to characters, such as Junior (II), as he appeared in Donkey Kong Jr. Math. They are notable due to having or formerly having pages written about them on some website.

Fanon appearances[edit]

Headless Snowman 64: Trip to Snowman's Land[edit]

One day, various generic species characters took a winter vacation to Snowman's Land. The trip was initiated by Socially Awkward Piranha Plant, who brought along Chanterelle, his three Johnson friends, Flaky the Flurry, Jerry the Magikoopa, Private Koopa, Gary the Goomba, Gary the Goomba's friend, and the Hammer Bro captain. However, Kuribo the Sockop could not make it because he had already decided to go to Freezeezy Peak. Not long into the trip, Socially Awkward Piranha Plant began to suffer hypothermia, despite wearing two layers of winter clothing, because Piranha Plants were not meant to be in colder climates. Gary the Goomba and his friend offered 1,000 dollars to Chanterelle if he could make it by the giant snowman. This attempt was unsuccessful, as the giant snowman blew cold wind that froze Chanterelle into a block of ice and blew him off of the mountain.

Eight days into the trip, as Johnson the X-Naut and Johnson the Shy Guy began climbing a snowy mountain, an avalanche suddenly began out of nowhere. Johnson the Koopa Troopa took the liberty to try and rescue his two friends from the incoming avalanche. Unfortunately, Johnson could not rescue the other two Johnsons on time, and all three of them died from the impact of the avalanche. When the group found Johnson the Koopa Troopa, his Koopa Shell was filled with snow entirely, and he lost his winter coat. Johnson the Shy Guy was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Johnson the X-Naut's goggles and winter clothing were found at the scene, but Johnson himself was also nowhere to be found.