Pink Donkey Kong Jr.

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Pink Donkey Kong Jr.
Franchise Donkey Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Jr. Math (1983, official media)
Gender Male
Species Kong
Occupation(s) Mathematician (possibly)
Friends Donkey Kong Jr.
Likes Math
Dislikes Cancel culture
Abilities Climbing vines

Junior (II), better and colloquially known as Pink Donkey Kong Jr. and occasionally referred to by other names such as Pinky Kong, Pinkie Kong, the prince gorilla of mathematics, and a gift from God, is an expert mathematician, as well as our ultimate lord and saviour who will rescue us all with his graciousness.[citation needed]

Pink Donkey Kong Jr., or rather Junior (II), made his first and only official appearance in Donkey Kong Jr. Math, quite mysteriously. His legacy is expansive, including his attempted murder in 2014, execution in 2015, resurrection six months later, and second killing in 2023.


  • Contrary to what some might believe, the Fanonpedia mascot Blue Donkey Kong Jr. was not inspired from Pink Donkey Kong Jr., but rather first originated as a random thought in Bawitdaba's mind.