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The Salesbunny is a keen, charismatic entrepreneur who resides in StreetPass Mii Plaza, where they sell games to any Miis who may show an interest. They always carry their trusty tablet with them, letting them look up information on the Internet about the games they sell. This is a very convincing tactic that has encouraged many to part with their cash for the latest in Mii gaming. Or it was, at least, before the Salesbunny went out of business on 27 March, 2023 due to the big boss Nintendo shutting it down. But the Salesbunny is still hanging out in the plaza to pretend as if they're still making any money from their enticing sales pitch performances, not to mention their occasional free giveaway deals. They've dug a network of tunnels so that they can quickly head to anywhere Miis are likely to gather in search of games. Miis are rather simple-minded creatures, after all.

The Arcade Bunny is a separate and unrelated pink rabbit businessman.