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Arcade Bunny is the host of the Nintendo Badge Arcade. The arcade was a bustling place where you could use the latest in crane game technology to earn badges for your Nintendo 3DS™ HOME menu. New badges were added all the time at first, but they could only keep that going for about a year and a half. On 27 March, 2023, Nintendo stopped accepting payments at the arcade, but you could still make use of free plays if you were really desperate (though they also became less generous in giving those out). The whole arcade shut down on 8 April, 2024, but Arcade Bunny was still there to stay to its last moments. Oh yeah this article was meant to be about Arcade Bunny wasn't it? Well uh he's a very expressive and charismatic guy who loves carrots, he even has carrot juice on him on the job. The weird business model at the arcade hadn't been getting him down enough to curb his enthusiasm for it, and he's a master of using those cranes (he got a spot as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. with them). Also don't get him confused with the Salesbunny, they're completely unrelated pink rabbit salespeople.