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Welcome! Bawitdaba (talk) 17:02, May 20, 2023 (UTC)

Miraheze to be closed[edit]

Hello Hewbert, I'm just making you aware that Miraheze will be closing late this year (see announcement). Just making you aware that the wiki and all of its content has been safely backed up. Miraheze's successor, made by the the same people, is WikiTide. Bawitdaba (talk) 00:04, June 17, 2023 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads-up Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 14:16, June 17, 2023 (UTC)
You're welcome. Also I saw that comment-out you made, I actually closed those wikis by personal decision & will have the ability to relaunch them someplace elsewhere if I desired. Sure, I could persevere with WikiTide route, but I'm personally not as up for such massive ambition. Bawitdaba (talk) 14:39, June 19, 2023 (UTC) Never mind, it's staying. Bawitdaba (talk) 01:50, June 20, 2023 (UTC)
Well that's nice, guess I might add more dumb stuff here sometime Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 06:49, June 22, 2023 (UTC)
Be my guest Bawitdaba (talk) 17:32, June 22, 2023 (UTC)


Contrary to what some may think, I was not the founder of said wiki, but I am responsible for the styling, logo, url, and "Mariopedia" naming so that the site isn't called "Super Mario Wiki" like it used to be.

Between you and me (actually, they know this already, so it's not a problem) I think their jabs at Mario Portal can get ridiculous because some errors make them think that first-time English names like Moofish should be ignored simply because "unreliable" source can't separate the inconsistencies from the legitimate new names. It feels like pretense, and there's obviously influence behind the SMB Encyclopedia snowball.

Reason I brought this up is because I hope you don't think it's me making like the Mario Portal pages or others that could involve one's own headcanon (they work on a List of misconceptions page too). Bawitdaba (talk) 16:12, June 30, 2023 (UTC)

Yeah I've seen the wiki and it definitely feels like just a big middle finger to Super Mario Wiki (especially the List of misconceptions) but I mean it's kinda funny. And I know you didn't make it but when the userbase is like three people connected by blocks on Super Mario Wiki it's hard not to associate you with it so nothing against you there Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 07:21, July 4, 2023 (UTC)
Okay, so my response here is going to be pretty long:
First of all, I will say that at least you're brave enough to give us banned users the light of day. Whether you're a troll or legitimate, I find it incredibly commendable that you are brave enough to even give the outcasts the light of day, whatever your motives are. A few have dropped by Mariopedia who are not linked to bans (one assists MMLoreMaster in translations & another is a Donkey Kong gamer). As outraged as I was from permaban (not as much anymore; I'm actually flattered they think I'm too radical for their format :P), I would not take it as like an excuse to do everything the opposite of the Super Mario Wiki (I call 'em "Super Mergist Wiki" because they merge coverage on their 'partnered franchises,' merge massive SSB lists, and NSMBFan doesn't like how they handle some of the enemy species articles).
I hadn't talked to you around the time of my ban there. Basically, don't do something (or even a string of things) that is extremely irresponsible or stupid (e.g. imitating secret societies, posting slurs, cyberbullying, etc.) that can cost you your friends list. Even if you're going through a very hard time, doesn't matter; once you're thrown out, there's no love and forgiveness allowing you to return. I tend to be more forgiving than I seem, like I already forgive my former circle of friends for annexing my old brands from me.
More went on than they'll have you know about. The truth is that I secretly wanted out of Discord and the mainstream circles I was in, in part because I was fed up over ZW on Fandom (btw congrats on their independence so they can leave Fandom community alone now & no longer do a massive defiance of logic by pretending to be indie when they weren't on Fandom; one of the staff members there is a good person, although I won't name them here). This is when I decided I'd self-sabotage and ultimately manipulate everyone because I was like "F it, my home wiki doesn't care about this issue I'm going to do a big balls thing to see whether they care more for having a brand that looks like clean toilet paper or the old days where we could be enthusiastic gamers; no more fence sitting."
Before I go any further, I will need to tell you that for many years I did not understand how outrage worked. I thought you could just say a bad word and then a whole army of people would then get very upset. You will always upset the people whom you do not intend to. If bad people exhibit outrage, it's because they either want to get rid of you or they have an agenda that they want to preserve.
Okay, so I decided to leave Grifkuba at around March 2022. The community unanimously agreed to out me from leadership roles there. Shockwaves of what I did had already spread throughout. Why was I not immediately permabanned on SMW? Well, simply because it took this proposal to really seal it. They were already upset over me attempting to extend coverage, but the ZW proposal was the real nail in the coffin. (I was shown a screencap of one of the SMW 'crats demonizing me for wanting to extend scope/coverage due to a "hateboner;" they posted this around the same time as the ZW proposal, which the 'crat even mentioned in his statement about me.) Everyone involved knew it was a backroom deal because they did not want me to attempt to do any further moves to have SMW go off the rails and disband from NIWA, even if it would seem their membership is in-name only. One of the NIWA staff members already did not want alternative Zelda wikis linked and was unable to get them removed. Whether you love or hate NIWA or me, it's not difficult to put the two and two together.
P.S. Yes I did sometimes go after WT post-ban when he didn't want the SSB content removed. One could say I would have gone after the others in general. However, WT is a staff member, and I was like, "Bruh, you're literally staff member of a wiki that's part of a greater 'collective of wikis'; you literally rejected the true voice of reason against the madness of NIWA trying to dictate SMW policy on coverage. If you can't stand up to people who govern you, you don't deserve the SSB coverage." It's also because the idea of branching off a casual SSB wiki using SMW content was my idea, and it seemed like attempted theft. He wants a wiki the RMV way? He can't be expecting others to give it to him. Bawitdaba (talk) 15:25, July 5, 2023 (UTC)
The decision to change the Smash coverage had a lot more going for it than "NIWA trying to dictate SMW policy" (even I eventually changed my stance and prefer the way it's done now). Similar case with the interwiki links - the comment on your proposal was a perfectly valid point to bring up, and if they were under the impression that the links were added because Zelda Wiki wasn't independent, it logically follows that they would be removed after it got independence back (note that the proposer later attempted to cancel that proposal). Not sure why you're assuming some pro-NIWA anti-change conspiracy (or, uh, whatever you were talking about in that last paragraph) in these scenarios. Anyway, in all honesty I'm not sure what to think of you specifically anymore, I was just looking around at wikis you made/heavily influenced like Mariopedia and laughing at them (not necessarily laughing at you) and then I found the link here and the rest is history I guess? Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 16:54, July 6, 2023 (UTC)
oooo itz going 2 b another long response from Mii.
I'm pretty sure I remember SmashWiki didn't like the covering SSB coverage (one I think didn't like even the character special moves having articles there), so peer pressure definitely played a factor, even if it was not the sole deciding factor. Their thing, not mine, I spent tireless hours backing it all up. I literally don't care what happens there anymore. I can do my own thing now. I'm as a free as a bird now.
I was too western for them, my beliefs in what counts as Mario-related became something I could not compromise. It was not the thing that caused de-partnership, and I kept it off the wiki. However, if ppl talked to me I'd keep insisting that I put Zelda on the same tier of Mario-related as Wario and Yoshi (bcuz I care more about logic and take all eras into consideration rather than industry gaslighting and changing things on the fly like Shigeru Miyamoto saying Koopalings aren't Bowser's kids).
Sometimes, Mario concepts like enemies have found their way into Zelda more than Wario and Donkey Kong (Yoshi's Island used Goombas, Koopas, etc.). The Legend of Zelda animated series was also part of the SMB Super Show! syndication package, and previews of episodes were shown in live-action segments, yet nobody cover those, talk about them, or even make articles of them. Zelda for Game & Watch is even on Game & Watch Gallery 4!
Honestly I think two different things can be fact at once based on regional perspective. For instance, in Japan, SSB is 'Nintendo All-Stars', i.e. equal representation for all nintendo franchises, but in English language it a pun on Super Mario Bros., so western perspective prioritizes Mario, or should I say Super Mario (like all the kool kids do these days). Most of the people who added the SSB coverage are Western, because of the title being a pun, but then some infiltration occurred and a bunch of people tried turning the tide based on how Japan sees things with their "Nintendo All-Stars." I am western, I don't want to be forced a perspective depending on how Japan sees things, which would just be discrediting the western perspective as secondary or unofficial when actually it is official in its own right.
Mario is a complex matter, depending on how I (as a westerner) see it versus how Japanese market sees it. Donkey Kong and Mario had extreme cultural significance in the west within the 1980s, which is when they were created in general. Not only did Donkey Kong greatly expand Nintendo's platform into America (after Radar Scope's failure), Super Mario Bros. was credited as reviving the North American game industry & was bundled with several NES's. Mario helped make games on Nintendo platforms become more accessible in general. His games have always been the best-selling, even to date (though stuff like Wii Sports have become best-sellers in their own right). I think the greater room for coverage on a Mario wiki is not only because he's the mascot of Nintendo, but also in part based on the franchise's historical significance in the West. I'd cite that as the reason why Super Smash Bros. is the English title. It's not a foreign concept either: SaGa's first three games were branded as Final Fantasy in the West to help market them (prob also the reason why Chrono Trigger was bundled). That's why I instinctively always put Mario first on the list when naming the IPs off the bat (e.g. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, so forth). Mario is mascot internationally, so e.g. this led to like Game & Watch Gallery series branched from Mario. But it has its own cultural identity in the west.
Then comes The Legend of Zelda, which was often paired with Mario in games (like Nintendo Cereal, Nintendo Adventure Books) or the aforementioned SMB Super Show! in the late 1980s, when it came to the west. SMB & Friends PC game even includes some Zelda characters! The connections were not just in the games but real-world as well. There have been promotions for Nintendo IPs in general (e.g. NES Remix, WarioWare) but the early days of Zelda paired with Mario merchandise is a different story. Thwomps didn't just "cameo" (the real world is "guest appearance") in Link's Awakening but also like Four Swords Adventures, etc.
Okay, so for Banjo and Conker. I don't call them Donkey Kong spinoffs, as they're not, but I definitely put them within the same sphere as Donkey Kong world. Basically, what Zelda is to Mario despite less concrete connections aside from shared enemy families and sometimes items like the Recorder. DK Vine, which invited the DK Universe concept, has been acknowledged by Rare, even Retro Studios, employees on several occasions, so I would not rule it out. Problem is that there was real-world interference, and that's why DK is separate from Banjo and Conker, because Rare expanded Donkey Kong on their own, even outside the games. From the start I have always been more inspired by classic Rare over Nintendo by far.
I wish DK, Banjo, and Conker were one family again, whether it's Nintendo, Xbox, or (better yet) both. I'll be upset about this for the rest of my life (tho without dwelling every hour) until justice is brought. I made a mistake creatin a Conker Wiki, I should have made a DK wiki from the start, after the old one was being decommissioned, and not push for Jiggywikki to be made. I hav no idea what I was thinking. I was young and did not discover tons of crazy things while wiki editing yet or was used to what the lies of the gaming industry, Nintendo, etc. told me. They hiding truths about gaming. My concept of parallel franchises I think I got cyberbullied for insisting that Mario and Zelda are one, just in an indirect regard unlike Yoshi and Wario being spinoffs. That would'v been my ultimate power-play to rock everyone's worlds, as if I hadn't done it enough already.
As for not knowing what to think about me, that's understandable (as I can be weird, random, and sometimes too patriotic with wikis and gaming) & at least an improvement from people who think I did nothing good for wiki space. Bawitdaba (talk) 19:03, July 6, 2023 (UTC)
You seem to have invented your own narrative to explain the change in Smash coverage as though it was decided on exclusively by the wiki's administration or NIWA, when in reality it was decided by various proposals that only passed because of user support. None of those Smash proposals that actually passed were made by staff members to my knowledge, and I can say with certainty that the supporters each had their own reasons (mainly boiling down to "it's not relevant enough to Mario"), and they weren't all in on some conspiracy to conform to NIWA or enforce Japanese perspective (an argument that I have never heard until now) or whatever else. In fact, the guy who made the big fighter merging proposal (and even the anonymous 'crat you seem to hold a grudge against) later expressed that they don't want to eradicate Smash coverage entirely and argued against the idea we should conform to other NIWA wikis, so there's clearly more nuance to the situation than "MarioWiki/NIWA hates Smash coverage". And for the other coverage stuff, it's clear to me that the way you think about that is fundamentally different to how I do, so I'll just let you do you. Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 20:05, July 6, 2023 (UTC)
It may appear that I set up a narrative based on hearsay, but I could have sworn there was also SmashWiki not liking the coverage. The real answers lie within the group DMs, chats, and even asking the others themselves, though I'm unsure if one would want to spend their time doing that. As for "anon crat" there's reasons why I try to not mention by name (although I did abbreviate WT, so that may have counted I suppose). Part of it is for me to avoid digression, other is because listing names is asking for unnecessary trouble, hence it being a rule that articles on users from other communities are not allowed to have one (probably violates the wiki policy too, and even if i self-hosted I'd still uphold that as a rule). Hopefully you can respect that, as much as you might disagree with how I do wikis.
A lot of "RMV lore" is exclusive to the darknet. idk who created GWN but it sure wasn't me (if it was I'm too embarrassed to admit it). i know almost nothing that goes on there either except new memberships of wikis, esp ones that cannot fit into NIWA because they're Steam, Xbox, or other. i literally got in an argument with others in Triforce Wiki before over who the founder was because I was like "uh i think i hosted it & someone else must've founded it." i wish someone else could'v helped the folks in the end. for ppl who want mainstream option, i'm way too crazy (im closer to mwiki early years crazy, but even then they'd prob be dubious of me bcuz i go extreme levels). somethin like GWN would've inevitably have become mainstream due to its potential for wide appeal like NIWA. yaaaa.... i didn't rly think that 1 thru lol. Bawitdaba (talk) 02:52, July 7, 2023 (UTC)


Want me to do an article on you here (in the context of Fanonpedia, not like in general, if that makes sense). Bawitdaba (talk) 19:42, July 8, 2023 (UTC)

Over half a year later but it happened Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 12:51, March 31, 2024 (UTC)


Thank you for keeping the new site alive here with new lore like on Pink DK Jr. and Chucksters. Mad respect on my end. I just been focused on other things, so I haven't done much here, but I'm glad you still like it. Bawitdaba (talk) 18:27, October 20, 2023 (UTC)


Alrighty, seems like I'm going to be more active on Miraheze. You're probably wondering why I closed so many communities but not this one. I think it's because for others I had this idea, but I hadn't really done it for any community in particular, just me wanting to do wikis in THAT style I still have an obsession with to date. DKpedia and Sega Wiki are still being edited by at least one person and I don't want to revoke it (although the Nintendo Wiki was different because I did not like that the guy was changing the interface, but if he can recreate his own one, I'll give back any content that he made).

Meanwhile, Fanonpedia I designed with community in mind (e.g. my friend RPG Gamer, who is busy but he considered doing a similar site to Fanonpedia for a while now, iirc). It's also the first time someone has combined the ideas of Fantendo and Userpedia (namely their original iterations from '07) into a single wiki. Fanon Wiki is entirely different from Fantendo, and then Userpedia was permanently shut down. I just think it wouldn't work if one tried to make a fanon-based or user-based wiki without a community in mind.

It feels nice to have some indirect spiritual successor to SMW/Userpedia/Fantendo from back in the day, like an attempted continuation at it (which is working well here, imo) because then not only is it aiming to preserve the culture from then but at the same time it's, at least for me, like a new start. So even if Pirate Goomba, Bob Hoskins, and Chuckster lore originated from SMW, I'm still not allowing articles on the other communities and people without their permission (for obvious reasons), because consider how three aforementioned things are neither owned by SMW nor Fantendo, so they're acceptable for inclusion here. Bawitdaba (talk) 18:21, October 25, 2023 (UTC)

Real-world article idea[edit]

Just like I did with Grape, real-world articles on objects or similar can be like "[x] is a type of [x] in [x] as well as on Earth" (without the bold emphasis) as well as similar. Bawitdaba (talk) 12:39, November 6, 2023 (UTC)

wait, what[edit]

There's a tasteless BJAODN page of the Pink Donkey Kong Jr. I thought he relocated base here in Fanonpedia, whose mascot is his relative Blue DK Jr. Bawitdaba (talk) 23:41, November 25, 2023 (UTC)

Yeah how could anyone ever cough agree to such a thing Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 11:33, November 26, 2023 (UTC)

ZW is the new SMW[edit]

...At least on some of the GWN wikis I founded or forked. :P I even wanted my username changed to "Burying the Hatchet" as ref to me changing up BK, Conker, prob more in the Zelda Wiki (or zelda dungeon?) format. I do have maybe one or two Zelda friends who might like it. Though there is the whole licensing incompatibility, i meant like the category hierarchies and article layouts (not article, even category text, though would be nice if I could do the latter). It's surreal. Check Banjo and Conker's articles now. Nobody in the communities seems to be opposed to it, but then again I'm well known for not using Discord, so I'm not all clued up on what folks are into nowadays. Bawitdaba (talk) 19:16, December 7, 2023 (UTC)

With all due respect I have no idea what you're talking about but if it's some "grrr SMW bad" thing then I probably don't agree Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 20:13, December 9, 2023 (UTC)
Yeah i was a bit verbose above. Sometimes happens. It's actually me overwriting the article and categorization structure on some of the Grifkuba-owned wikis with one similar to ZW's. For instance, they have "Location and uses" for items and objects instead of "History," or "Features and overview" for locations instead of "History." And Mammal and Mammalian enemies are distinct categories as well (former is for species, the latter is for enemies). Even "Caves" and "Caverns" have their own categories. Bawitdaba (talk) 22:34, December 9, 2023 (UTC)

an exhaustive list of everything smw canceled[edit]

I spent hours yesterday taking a look at everything that the wiki decided they don't want over the years, as well as some things I remember from memory and looking at the recent changes daily. I'm certain there's more, but my main focus was the proposals & talk page proposals: . not included in the list are merges of things that are obviously the same but are differently named between appearances (like some Paper Mario series items). Bawitdaba (talk) 14:39, January 3, 2024 (UTC)

A merge is not a deletion, it's a re-organisation, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive Super Mario encyclopedia than SMW. It's also not always a bad thing, often being better for organisation, consistency, etc., and I fail to get behind the logic of "if it's technically possible to argue that it's different then it's different" - it's basically just a "first come first served" philosophy where anyone happening to make a separate article is all it takes to permanently keep it separate no matter the logistics. Not to mention there are plenty of split proposals still, and plenty of disagreement between users on proposals both passed and failed, making it a little hard for me to see where you're coming from with your sinister characterisation of the "Super Mergist Wiki" (besides the obvious bias involved). To say nothing of your weird tendency to portray disagreements as some kind of "East vs. West" thing even when they have nothing to do with regional differences.
That said though, nice list. Hewbert P. Edia (talk) 16:48, January 3, 2024 (UTC)
Thank you for complimenting the list, even in spite of some disagreements one may have. The main point of it wasn't really to antagonize the Super Mario Wiki (although it inevitably is that, seeing as it still has a comprehensive list of personal disagreements that I have with articles they either deleted or handled in ways). Basically, the main point is to show why I'm unprepared to be directly in charge of any community-based wiki with encyclopedic content a la SMW or Wikipedia (Mariopedia is diff bcuz someone else founded it), whereas this wiki allows for some more silliness (as I think as conveyed within the articles). I remember the days of being a part of the community, figuring things out with other editors. Now me and them can't see eye to eye on anything. So there's stuff that has a major chance of not flying by a community, such as full Super Mario franchise coverage on a Donkey Kong wiki, the mainline Super Mario series and Mario Kart 8 on a Zelda wiki, or even full coverage of the NES furniture games on an Animal Crossing wiki, masterpiece items on an SSB wiki (at least based on what's in the demo, if the timer were to be theoretically absent). One could say, "Well, maybe you're doing something wrong," but as I've grown older, I can't help but be insistent on some of the ideas I just listed (to name a few). See how it's kind of tough for me and why I don't say much nowadays? :P
Oh, I nearly forgot I named "Super Mergist Wiki" above. I thought it was an inside nickname between me and some of the Mariopedia folks. :P Bawitdaba (talk) 17:23, January 3, 2024 (UTC)

im glad that you stil enjoy fanonpedia[edit]

Sorry that I'm the founder though and not someone more, erm, "reputable." :P Bawitdaba (talk) 22:06, January 31, 2024 (UTC)

Rebrand + Rebrand = 2 Rebrands[edit]

okay i figured i'll post some updates. first i got new username (and updated user page and my mainspace article accordingly). you're now an admin (don't know how much that means to you; perhaps it'll help just in case of vandal attacks). Someone reopened the Nintendo Wiki on Miraheze, and I've been rebranding it mostly to suit the community's needs (earlier iterations are backed up). it should be getting a new custom domain soon. Okay, it did: (kind of like how there's

If you're worried that it will affect this wiki, it won't; someone is just restyling the wiki, so I decided to help them out and modernize the look there more. There's proposals too, which I know you folks love to death. :P

Also, if you or someone else wants to do a Discord server for Fanonpedia (like how Nintendo Wiki had one i made years ago), you're welcome to do so, but do note that I won't be on there (and I doubt it will have much attention). Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 16:51, February 16, 2024 (UTC)

You had me at proposals Hewer (Now in Green!) 00:28, February 17, 2024 (UTC)

fanonpedia is top tier dank[edit]

it's even more dank when rmv founded it Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 18:29, May 10, 2024 (UTC)

I think we can say with certainty now that the results did indeed vary Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 19:57, May 10, 2024 (UTC)


My friend here is still looking for editors on his Kirby wiki. I don't really mainspace edit there nowadays, since I'm more of a Super Mario guy, though it did make me wonder if you have the ability to work your magic and convert it into a personal clubhouse (not meaning like edit mainspace necessarily, just lurk there as one of your personal safe havens like here :P). I'll see if I can set up a proposals system there like I did on the Nintendo wiki that others wanted reopened. If someone wants a community, they need to understand what it's about. I don't have proposals system here or on Mariopedia set up, but anyway. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 17:00, May 22, 2024 (UTC)

You can now play as Kirby. Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 18:29, May 23, 2024 (UTC)
I'm beginning to wonder if your friends at Super Mario Wiki and WiKirby will cancel you for editing, erm, "undesirable" wikis. :P Stay safe Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 20:07, May 23, 2024 (UTC)
Eh, I doubt it, don't see why they'd care about harmless knock-offs
Unrelated but wanted to mention, Fanonpedia now comes up fourth on Google search results (not sure when that happened but I remember trying before and not finding it). Achievement? Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 21:30, May 23, 2024 (UTC)
Harmless knockoffs? Yeah I think Miraheze does decently with SEO, from what I know, so that's neat it got that high. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 02:40, May 24, 2024 (UTC)
Oh, Fanonpedia's no knockoff, I was more referencing Mariopedia (and I guess Kirby Encyclopedia but I admittedly don't really know the history of that one). But there's nothing wrong with knockoffs, you know what they say about imitation and flattery Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 12:37, May 24, 2024 (UTC)

oh lmao[edit]

The hell is this? I haven't done squat there for a while and I get a notice from this user saying "wah you're bad wah you're mean." Afraid he's like one year too late to the party. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 00:29, May 28, 2024 (UTC)

I guess they like sticking it to banned folks if the latest matter on their talk page is any indication. "you may be cited for trespassing on these grounds while banned" is a great line though Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 08:54, May 28, 2024 (UTC)
So like it's a "you may be <ref></ref> on these grounds?" Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 12:41, May 28, 2024 (UTC)
Yes.[1] Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 15:27, May 28, 2024 (UTC)
Remember when I said how I live in the Who's Online of SMW? I think I socked to tell one of the admins that "you can't get rid of me, i literally live in the whos online" Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 03:55, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
Close, it was here ("Super Mario franchise is not the future" was a funny reference by the way). Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 12:57, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
Unsure how you knew about that or if you're gettin, erm, "intel," from some place, so to speak (or I'm indulging in too much random stuff I'm finding from, aka Taobao through proxy). I didn't make that connection, but that was me having a hard time accepting change, since I've never properly aged out of my childhood.
Yeah, I'd say you know a lot of RMV lore. Lots of it is cursed & stuff I wish I could erase, but alas, someone told it to me best (an older SMW user), "The most important thing of making a mistake? Don't do it again!" And when consequences happen for one's actions, including being namedropped by kiwis (and I mean in a way like they want to see you act like a Looney Tunes character over it), that's a sure sign of, "ok yea, I better stop doing that". Won't name drop, but one of the posters legit disliked me, though the other had a little too much fun with me and took it a little too far, but at least me and that poster (his brother, at least) do not hate each other and said good bye on good terms. I thought a little bit of what they posted was ironically based, like when the dropped info of when my mind went to a place of comparing Zelda dungeon names to Yale societies because I was locked in deep fringe conspiracy shit that took me until summer of last year to break away from and toss out as total unsubstantiated nonsense. My condolences toward my old friends and the person whom I targeted. I left two years ago, since it's the most one can do if they do something that results in friends beyond repair, but from last I've heard, they're doing okay. Hopefully it continues to be that way. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 20:33, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
I assure you I operate alone purely out of curiosity and am not particularly motivated by some hatred of you. Even though I'm not much of a Zelda guy, I checked Triforce Wiki occasionally just to see how it was getting on. I still kinda stand by what I said somewhere above about not knowing what to think about you, but I guess it's good to hear you tried to improve. In hindsight I'm not really sure why I was so eager to snoop around looking for RMV lore, but I'm glad I did since otherwise I wouldn't have found Fanonpedia. Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 20:54, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
I still wish people would consider Zelda more integral to Super Mario. I've typed up paragraphs going insane over close connections between those two franchises. It's okay if you don't know what to think about me. I've been weird and wild, but I will give you credit for seeing it was an attempt for me to improve.
You'll prob find a whole treasure trove of stuff on me over at Fandom, if you continue exploring there. I was hesitant to drop hints to that in recent times because of paranoia that things would follow over to there, but the dust has long since settled, so yeah. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 21:11, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
Funny story there, a while back one day I wasn't even looking for RMV stuff but happened to google "porplemontage" out of sheer curiosity, and I was met with a bizarre result (I believe it was this one but sadly the link no longer seems to work), then looked around a bit and ended up discovering "Gematarix" completely by accident, so that was pretty funny. Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 21:40, May 29, 2024 (UTC)
There is no way in a million years I'd author that, or anything on users in general. No idea why RPG Gamer wrote that or how Xzelion managed to insert his way into there. I asked RPG Gamer if it was because the new user base took Xzelion's former fame and glory, which he confirmed to be the case. I don't know, just sounded like a reason that made sense to me. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 21:52, May 29, 2024 (UTC)


Are you okay that I quoted one of your statements in this user page edit here? Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 18:05, June 6, 2024 (UTC)

Flattered Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 23:51, June 7, 2024 (UTC)


If you want to invite like this guy (who's from Jiggywikki apparently) and others to here, nintendo wiki, elsewhere to just add whatever the hell they want, you're welcome to do so. i think super mario wiki is a hot corporate mess ever since my permaban and that terrible new Monobook skin in 2022 and slow-mo witnessing a train wreck in actions. and some reason folks like you seem to love it, so why not do it for just about anything within the range of like Nintendo or something? (that is, if you want to , of course) so free food, free accommodation, free service, that kind of stuff. or just a sandbox to mess around in for later including in other niwa wikis or whatever doesn't have a home. perhaps i could gradually be getting back on track with community or somethin like in "ol days" (soooorta, since i'm still in too much stoicism to resurface on social platforms) while retaining my "creative differences" Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 17:23, June 7, 2024 (UTC)

Yeah I gotta disagree on the "hot corporate mess" front (how can it be corporate when it's not being run by a corporation but by volunteer editors almost all of whom aren't profiting), I'm of the opinion that the background of Mario items looks better than the words "super mario wiki" over and over (it looks good here though don't worry), and I'm, uh, pro-Mario Portal I guess. I have a lot of respect for Super Mario Wiki, I think it probably holds the title of best fan wiki for anything, at least that I'm familiar with. Anyway, I like the idea of more Fanonpedians, this place is the best chaotic sandbox/encyclopedia. Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 23:51, June 7, 2024 (UTC)
Okay sorry, maybe it was a bit of ban bias on my end. i guess one could say "volunteers who despise me and vice versa." regardless I would've still liked the old background to stay, even if I had not been permb& i like the idea of more fanonpedians too, as long as it doesn't get like out of control to the point of straight up vandalism or something. i'm amazed that guntherbb (who originated from GWN afaik, since I remember him from a few years ago on jiggywikki) literally got porple to work on two Gravity Rush wikis with him (stood out when i noticed on the rc). meanwhile, im here literally left to figure out all of the wiki stuff by myself. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 03:02, June 8, 2024 (UTC)

Criminally underrated opinion[edit]

Zelda Wiki was expelled from NIWA... You know, Zelda, the one that redirects to Fandom. So they had to create a new wiki...after forking all of the content from Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 00:43, July 1, 2024 (UTC)

Almost, but you got the order wrong, the fork happened first (though iirc I think it took the threat of expulsion to get them going but I could be wrong) Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 08:04, July 1, 2024 (UTC)
Now as for Dragon Quest, that one was actually expelled because it's run by an unapologetic neo nazi (Follower of Light, aka RX-78). I've been quiet about it for two years, but I figure I'll say some stuff about the whole situation. Basically, he's just a paper tiger who's bad at covering his tracks. If you see the stuff that guy says on kiwi, it should be enough for an arrest warrant. He made himself look like a fool by trying to trick me into posting in the kiwi thread. I refused to take the bait. The folks on the thread weren't that focused on me (one even said they admired how I could invoke "frothing rage" from others), and the only other person trying to do the coercion was WikiBound's former editor-in-chief; that was via Discord, though thankfully I didn't leave on bad terms with him. An embarrassing low for RX-78 is that he impersonated Null (kiwi host) and posted on Conker Wiki user talk (hint: there's no one else I know who uses the word "schizoid," which he did on both the thread and the talk page). I only noticed it like a few weeks later since I had already left that wiki by then. He's just your run-of-the-mill 4chan lemming who wishes he had the ability to dox and stuff lmao, and he can't take on anyone other than some random Discorders who are already easily exploitable (not trying to generalize btw). Lastly (and a slight digression), since nazis weaponize Christianity, he was one of the people who made me want to become atheist, but only recently in one of his posts I found that he called it a "Semitic desert religion"
And while I'm not an advocate for any form of kiwi activity, the average one doesn't try to coerce, but rather sits from a distance with popcorn to watch drama unfold. Now this is my personal take, but I get the idea that anyone who tries to use the site for forming their personal army against someone whom they dislike should result in scrutiny and criticism, since it doesn't align with their (twisted) core principles of observing people from a safe distance.
In the old days I would've got an immediate replacement for Dragon Quest going graced with the collaboration of tacopill and others, but alas. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 15:20, July 1, 2024 (UTC)


Apparently people are still shook by Jiggywikki's history? Perhaps he should feel uncomfortable linking to it because it has the epic Zelda Wiki format everywhere since December 2023 thanks to yours truly. 🙃 That will at least give some basis to his reasoning, instead of this "waaa rmv bad guy" despite me being "gone" from the public for at least two years at this point. Was I seriously that terrible for folks to still allude, reference, etc.? I did terrible things, yes, and I seriously hope others can recover from it eventually. I know, I have this personality that can get on others' nerves, and I've been ruthless and merciless towards dissent in the wiki space because I felt strongly to restore wiki space like I remember from my childhood, and this chaotic sandbox is basically the only faint remaining memory of it. But if folks be making these comments alluding to me or outright trying to virtue signal like I'm the antagonist (i.e. VGPHD) who permanently ruined the indie wiki space, then it makes me think they're fishing for compliments from me.

GWN founder Dans friend do your magic already plz. crank out millions of wikis and serve the needs of thousands of discorders. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 03:28, July 12, 2024 (UTC)

Eh, unless there's some context I'm missing (best I can think of is here where the same user made a similar comment), it takes a lot of reading betwixt the lines to infer that they thought you "permanently ruined the indie wiki space" or similar from such a vague comment as that. Either way though, if you're saying they should move on since it's been two years, couldn't you do so yourself? Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 01:23, July 13, 2024 (UTC)
I did, I think? I just stalk the RC a lot because I have no life, and I have no idea what the community does nowadays. Is that good enough of "I moved on"? Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 15:34, July 13, 2024 (UTC)
Fair enough, I have no issue with you stalking the wiki, just thought it was a bit odd to get worked up at that guy's vague comments (in their defence, all that remains of your userspace on there is your talk page, which doesn't exactly give a good impression of you even if it is from two years ago). But I also spend too much time on wikis and have no right to judge Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 22:03, July 13, 2024 (UTC)
Permaban and deleted user page (from proprietor, no less) makes it look as if the wiki is trying to notify others, "this guy's really dangerous and a disgrace to our wiki platform". That's as far as I understand it. Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 01:59, July 14, 2024 (UTC)
Wait, I thought you asked for your userpage to be deleted. Hewbert P. Edia (He's Green!) 10:53, July 14, 2024 (UTC)
Yes, I did, though I think they're like "yeah this guy's done, no more of him, ever." Lmfao I can't believe I linked to Sonichu wiki to affirm that I was not pulling a fake stunt. Would you believe it? Eeyore the Iowan Goat (talk) 15:47, July 14, 2024 (UTC)