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Qbby, also known by his title BOXBOY, is a small box-shaped entity and geometric hero who, against all odds, goes on adventures. He can't jump very high or very far and is destroyed in one hit, but it's his outside-the-box thinking that allows him to stack up to his fellow platformer protagonists: he can produce boxes from his body that let him do all sorts of things like solve puzzles, cross gaps, grab ledges, and more (but mostly solve puzzles). In his first adventure, he was pretty on the square and was limited to only being able to produce one set of boxes at a time - he got through it fair and square, but he squared away the issue entirely the next time around, when he became able to make two sets of boxes at once. For his third outing, his boxes squared the circle and had some tricks of their own, but his box creation limit was back to square one. Next, he went on an adventure with his friend Qucy, and the two of them squared up to save the world. Another buddy of his is the taller and thinner Qudy, and according to some reports, he's also sometimes been seen with Kirby. Contrary to popular belief, Qbby is indeed a cube, not a square.