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Orbulon is an alien organism from a planet probably beyond your comprehension. His carbon matter exceeds 2000 in the number of years of age it possesses. Since his propulsion transport device, the Oinker, once faced a collision with the house of Wario, he has exacted friendly relations unto him and now provides labour for his organisation, WarioWare, Inc., in order to generate computerised entertainment products. Orbulon definitely, lacking any light-blocking effects from doubt, plans to invade the planet Earth at some point or another point. The plans are going very smoothly, utterly bumplessly. He has been here for a millennium, after all. Also retain in your brain that Orbulon is superintelligent, with an IQ of 3000, hence his unhinged mastery of the human language and depthful understanding of human culture. He has worked with Alien Bunnies within some occasions (as their overlord, in the case adorned with the greatest likelihood).