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Magolor is some sort of extraterrestrial magic feline crafty egg guy from another dimension. He's very friendly to people he meets, such as Kirby and friends. But he's also a professional fibber with a lie-ridden track record, and a former power-hungry villain. He sought the Master Crown guarded by the guardian angel/dragon(s) Landia, wanting to use its power to become the supreme ruler of the universe, but Landia did his job and stopped Magolor. He crash landed his (probably stolen) ship, the Lor Starcutter, into Dream Land, where he already knew that Kirby lived, but now he got to actually meet him for the first time. He went on to trick Kirby and friends into repairing the ship and beating Landia for him, but his stint with the crown was short-lived when it went all evil and took over his body and got smashed by Kirby. Magolor got lost in some other dimension where he recovered his powers and escaped to be a respectable shopkeeper. Now he's a successful theme park manager and a good friend of Kirby. They reconciled, you see, so you can trust him now. You could always trust him.