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Well, well, well. What do we have here, Klutzy? Why, it looks like we've caught a nosy little reader snooping around our page. How interesting. Well then, allow me to formally introduce myself...

My Monologue version 7 extended cut[edit]

I am Herbert P. Bear, Esquire, formerly of the Arctic Circle, and now a prisoner of the snow-ridden landscape those pesky penguins call home. I left my own cold and dismal home many years ago on an iceberg. It was a dangerous move, but I knew it was the only way to fulfill my greatest dream: to find somewhere warm to live! Somewhere sunny and hot, with sandy beaches and fresh fruit growing everywhere! I was sick and tired of freezing everyday. So I leapt onto an iceberg and never looked back! I floated adrift and alone for days, then weeks, then months. The weather did get warmer, but there was no sign of land anywhere. At last, when I had almost given up hope, I spotted an island in the distance. I rowed with all my might trying to reach it, but to my horror, I realized that it was covered in snow, too! I was doing my best to row away, but then my iceberg tipped! I was cast into the treacherous waters, helpless, unable to swim... I thought for certain that I was done for. But before I slipped beneath the waves, I was saved by the most unlikely of heroes. Klutzy, that little crab, heard my cries and came to my rescue. Being a helpful fellow, Klutzy offered to accompany me. However, my iceberg floated away, and took with it my greatest dream. I was stuck. Stranded in a strange land that was even colder than my old home. After exploring a short while, I came upon a strange and noisy place, filled with unusual little birds wearing silly clothes. These "penguins" I discovered were quite strange; they couldn't fly, lived in igloos, and seemed to enjoy the cold. The way they played in the snow was so irritating. I found myself disliking them more and more each day. These foul little fowls bug me. After being at sea for so long, they were the last thing I wanted to find. But I'm going to do something about it...

PSA file[edit]


Name: Herbert P. Bear

Species: Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)

Reports show that Herbert came to Club Penguin on an iceberg some time ago. He's been secretly trying to disrupt life on the island.

Suspect is a vegetarian, and is to be considered to be tall and cranky.

|͟͞ | |͞   ͞ | |͞ | |͟o| |͟͞ | |͟͞ | |͟͞x|

EPF file[edit]



  • Egomaniac polar bear
  • Dangerous to penguins
  • Responsible for numerous plans to destroy the island

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Klutzy the Crab; Possible ties to other island villains.

VILLAINOUS DEEDS: Destroying PSA with the popcorn bomb of 2010, and once again during Operation: Blackout in 2012.

RANDOM FACTS: Cold-hearted, selfish, and vegetarian. Hates snow, noise, and penguins. Cannot swim.


͟͞ | |͟͞x   |͟͞x| |͟͞x |͟o|   |͞ | |͟o ͞ |   ͟͞x| |͟͞ |