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...Oh, uh, Harmony is this sea anemone. She's, like, the main singer and synth player in this band called Chirpy Chips. Oh yeah, and she does the visuals and stuff. I guess you could say she's an artist or something. She's, uh, a little short on motivation, and she's always late to band practice...and I'm pretty sure that clownfish in her hair is dying from neglect or whatever...so yeah, cool stuff. Apparently all the fans love her weird movements and speaking style and stuff in the live performances, even though she's kinda just lip syncing because her voice in the songs is, like, super edited.

...Oh yeah, she goes to Hotlantis a ton. Barry's kinda never around, so he pretty much just let Harmony...take over, I guess. But she's not the manager or anything. Oh yeah, Barry's the shop owner, obviously. There's cool stickers and stuff to buy there. Shop till you drop or whatever. Wait, no, don't, like, drop in the shop, that'd be weird. Go outside if you're gonna do that.