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Fanonpedia is a wiki on the wiki hosting website Miraheze. It was created on May 17, 2023 by Eeyore the Iowan Goat (then known as Bawitdaba). Inspired by the wikis Fantendo and Userpedia, it covers both fanon content and users in the community, giving it a pretty broad scope. Its mascot is Blue Donkey Kong Jr., who stars in its logo, proudly decked in the simple, elegant blue and white colour scheme.

Upon creating the wiki in May 2023, Bawitdaba got to work creating articles, the first being Cheesesaber, and made DarkMatterMan4500 and The RPG Gamer admins. A couple days later, Hewbert P. Edia joined in on making articles as well, his first being Enigma Berry. In June, Fanonpedia was briefly in danger as Miraheze announced that it would shut down, but it soon went back on the decision. Nonetheless, activity on Fanonpedia dwindled over the months as Bawitdaba was focused on other things, and the wiki had its second near-death experience of its first year when an automatic closure due to inactivity began to loom. However, it was saved in October by Hewbert P. Edia and StanningWallace, who continued making articles for the wiki, as did Bawitdaba, who renamed himself to Eeyore the Iowan Goat and made Hewbert P. Edia an admin in February 2024.

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