Dracula Waddle

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Dracula Waddle is the given name of a rumoured enemy who is speculated to have first appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. This enemy is said to be a vampiric Waddle Dee who is indistinguishable from normal Waddle Dees until it attacks its victim. While unconfirmed to actually exist in-game - having not been discovered in the internal game files of any game in the series - numerous anecdotal reports from players seem to indicate its existence. First described on the Japanese Kirby Wikia, Dracula Waddle is often suspected to be a Rope Waddle Dee, which leads most to believe that Dracula Waddle prefers to swing from ropes as part of its disguise. This elusive enemy has been speculated on since at least November of 2017, and to this date, no conclusive proof - in-game or otherwise - has been presented to prove Dracula Waddle's existence. However, it is said that War Shiver had an encounter with it while waddling within White Wafers - Stage 1.