Donkey Kong Country: Ape Ages

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Donkey Kong Country: Ape Ages is the sixth game in the Donkey Kong Country series and a successor to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It follows the adventure of Donkey Kong and his partner Kongs as they travel back to present after being sent in prehistory by the Kremling Krew who discovered time travel. Throughout their journey, the Kongs must overcome seven past periods which are opened by Queen Banana Bird in her secret Time Temple.


The story begins with a flashback of K. Rool when he was one of Kremling Kuthroats pirate mates during the Kremean War. After death of his pirate superior along with the crew, K. Rool alone escapes the war with his deceased master's ship until he crashes on the rocky shores of his home island. After the flashback ends with K. Rool waking up scared in his artificial island, Klump shows his leader a big Crystal Coconut and researched that coconut powers can travel through time.

Meanwhile, Donkey Kong enjoys a moment of rest with his friends on Funky's Biplane Barrel. The Kremling Krew is seen in a space station where K. Rool orders to activate the time eye, the sphere energy blasted in the eye hit the biplane that transports the Kong Family to the prehistoric age.


Donkey Kong Country: Ape Ages is a platform game in which the player primarily controls either the titular character DK, Diddy, Dixie Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., who are task of returning to the present. The player can switch between controlling DK, Diddy, Dixie Kong or Donkey Kong Jr. at any time within the Choose Barrel. If the player completes a past period called Ancient Ambience, it is revealed that part of the game takes place in the Time Temple where the Queen Banana Bird is the guardian. The main item is the Banana Clock where a banana-shaped pointer chooses 7 past periods, the figures representing these periods appear around it and the portal opens showing the different places.

The player must collect all Bronze Bananas in the bonus levels to open the Krem-Eye levels. The reward when the player beats any boss (except K. Rool) is Crystal Coconut to open the next past period. Collecting a Banana Book and delivering to Cranky's Library will unlock a cutscene showing the story written on book.

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