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The Box Dimension, also known as the Box Realm, is a mysterious realm associated with April Fools' Day and the source of all boxes, where the laws of physics don't necessarily seem to apply. It is made entirely of cardboard boxes, and many objects (including the boxes themselves) float due to its strange gravity. It can be accessed via Box Portals and seems to connect many different worlds in a multiverse known as the "Snailverse". However, the portals in each world lead to different areas of the Box Dimension that no one is known to have travelled between, so the inhabitants of each world remain mostly unaware of each other, even when they do enter the Box Dimension. The Box Dimension appears to have multiple differently-coloured sections, as the areas accessible from the Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island, and Party Parrot World universes are purple while the area accessible from the Box Critters universe is cyan, with other portals of colours such as orange, green, and pink also known to exist. The dimension seems to be large, but its true size is unknown.

The Club Penguin universe first accessed the Box Dimension in the April Fools' Party 2009 when the Box Store sold Box Portals, though Gary the Gadget Guy seemed to have already have been aware of it. Box Portals would later be sold again in the furniture catalog in January-April 2010, March-June 2011, and June-August 2014. The Box Dimension became accessible year-round via Box Portals penguins had placed in their igloos. A Box Portal was also permanently added to the Lodge Attic after its renovation in March 2015. In June 2009, Rockhopper's growing plants from the Adventure Party 2009 were stored in the Box Dimension, but by February 2010, they had all drifted away. Orange Puffles were discovered in the Box Dimension in the Puffle Party 2010, with the Orange Puffle Plok known to live in the Box Dimension, and it was used as the domain for the Orange Puffles in the Puffle Parties of 2011, 2012, and 2013, during which a Box Portal was present at the Beach. In the April Fools' Party 2011, a Box Portal appeared at the Snow Forts, with the Box Dimension containing many new Box Portals to other dimensions that Rookie had accidentally opened: the Candy Dimension, Space Dimension, Stair Dimension, Desert Dimension, Cream Soda Dimension, Silly Dimension, Doodle Dimension, and Strange Dimension. The Strange Dimension (accessible only to penguins wearing a Box Costume) contained, among other strange sights, a mysterious locker housing a box delivery uniform. In the April Fools' Party 2012, all the portals from the previous April Fools' Party reappeared in addition to two new portals leading to the Orange Puffle Dimension (where Orange Puffles actually came from) and the Zany Funhouse Dimension, but the locker in the Strange Dimension had vanished.

The Club Penguin Island universe discovered ??? ?????????, aka the Box Dimension, on April Fools' Day 2018, when a large Box Portal appeared at Island Central, and Box Portals also began being sold by the Igloos & Interiors shop. The Box Dimension was being investigated by the Club Penguin Island version of Gary the Gadget Guy, who said it could finally prove his "multiverse theory" and planned to name it The Corrugated Fiberboard Dimensional Space, but Rookie suggested to call it the Box Dimension instead. Rookie felt like he'd seen the place before in his dreams, but dismissed it as his imagination. The Box Critters universe discovered the Box Realm in April Fools' 2021 when a Box Portal appeared at the Port.

Crate Co. is a crate-based shipping company in the Club Penguin Island universe that seems to deliver shipments from the sky. It is actually an interdimensional shipping business, run by a wacky alien named Zed who uses the Box Dimension as a warehouse for his deliveries, also known as the Wherehouse. Maybe that explains that delivery uniform that was in the Strange Dimension? Then again, its brown and purple colour doesn't match the red, white, and blue colour scheme of Crate Co...perhaps it was an old version before a corporate rebranding?

Eh, enough speculation.