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Bill Gates is everything at once, from the founder of Microsoft and its Xbox line of gaming systems to a global philanthropist. Many gamers believe that he is one of the most epic people to have ever existed, but right-wingers get triggered and deranged by him.

Fanon appearances[edit]

Though not fanon by the standards of Super Mario media, Bill Gates once appeared in Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō, which constitutes as a fictional representation of him. Here, Bill Gates taught Mario and Toad how to use Windows 95: by putting it on their head.

He once conspired to cause chaos throughout Europe using a giant robot version of Clippy built in Finland.


  • Bill Gates once acknowledged Super Mario Bros. in his summer reading recommendations video from May 2023, by mentioning the book "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow," a fictional story about how two friends bonded over Super Mario Bros. and decided to form their own game company. In the same video, there's an animation sequence depicting an arcade machine with barrels rolling down the girders of 25m in Donkey Kong.[1]