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Era's Adventures 3D is a mobile game developed by Andev and released on the Marketplace for Android phones in late February 2013.[1] The game features a female dinosaur named Era, who has the ability to shoot flaming mucus at objects such as boxes and crates. The gameplay is extremely basic,[2][dead link] and its most noteworthy feature is the resemblance that Era has to Yoshi of the Super Mario franchise.


Nintendo took legal action only two weeks after the release of Era's Adventures 3D. Botond Kopacz, who was largely involved with the development of Era's Adventures 3D, stated that he was not a fan of the Super Mario franchise and had no knowledge of Yoshi.[3]

"Actually this is an indie game developed by one developer, so due to the limitation of effort, I purchased a cute character from TurboSquid, one of the biggest 3D asset stores, without knowing the background story of the character Yoshi, since I'm not a Super Mario fan.... Once the game was released on the Play Store, after spending hundreds of hours in making the game, I started receiving 'kind' mails from Super Mario fans that I stole Yoshi, etc. So I started Googling and I realized that the character is really from the Super Mario series."

The game was briefly removed from Google Play, but was re-released later with a slightly altered design for Era, which gave the character a blue color scheme and a backwards cap. The game was later taken off Google Play permanently a few months later, and in 2014 the game returned under the name Jack 3D, featuring an original character.[4][dead link]


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