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Video infobox


|title= By default, this shows the page title. For pages with an identifier and special cases, it can be manually specified.
|image= The video's official thumbnail. If different versions of the thumbnail exist across the platforms and accounts the video was uploaded to, the most recent one of them should be chosen. If the video was uploaded in multiple places at the same time, use any version of the thumbnail you like. If the video does not have a thumbnail, or if the thumbnail is not representative enough (e.g. it's shared with other videos in a series), use a screenshot of the video that you feel best represents it, such as a title card.
|platforms= The websites or applications where the video was published (YouTube, Nintendo eShop, Twitter, etc.)
|released= The video's upload dates for all platforms and accounts (use {{release video}}).
|ratings= Official age ratings of the video (use {{ratings}}).
{{video infobox