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First appearance Earth (real world)
Fanonpedia (fictional media, 2023)
Other names Hewerpedia
3-UP Hewer
Bandana Hewer Dee
Hewbert P. Edia
Gender Male
Nationality British
Occupation(s) Wiki editor
Friends StanningWallace
Acquaintances Eeyore the Iowan Goat
Likes Gaming
Gaming wikis

Super Mario
Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros.
Club Penguin
Weapon of choice

Hewer is an editor who has been active on several wikis since 2019, mainly ones relating to Nintendo games. After initially making mostly minor edits to fix grammar, typos and the like, he soon started making more substantial edits, and he also started taking part in wiki discussions since 2021.

He stumbled upon Fanonpedia in May 2023 after following a link on Eeyore the Iowan Goat's talk page on another wiki, and he began filling it with articles about random characters, items, etc. After dwindling activity (and a brief Miraheze shutdown scare) over the next few months, he returned in October (along with a friend) to save the wiki from an automatic inactivity closure. His continued activity on the wiki led to him later becoming green in February 2024.

The username "Hewer" was randomly invented years ago with no particular origin, but it stuck. It coincidentally happens to be a real word meaning "one who hews". Alternate forms of the name include Hewerpedia (adding the "-pedia" suffix often used in the names of wikis), 3-UP Hewer (named after the 3-Up Moon from Super Mario), Bandana Hewer Dee (named after Bandana Waddle Dee from Kirby), and Hewbert P. Edia (a reference to Herbert P. Bear from Club Penguin, who once used the alias "Hubert P. Enguin").