Dribble & Spitz

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Lemme tell ya, Dribble 'n' Spitz are quite the boisterous pair. They're a taxi-drivin' duo who ain't pullin' any punches when they hit the road. Dribble's the big dog one, see? He's the short-fused speed demon who ain't against breakin' a traffic law or two if it means gettin' ya there on time. Then there's his buddy Spitz, the cool-headed superior (least mosta the time). These two've seen it all when it comes to customers 'n' traffic 'n' all that (did I mention their cab can go to space?), and the fare's always fair! Specially when they remember to take it.

Oh yeah, they're workin' for Wario too at that gamin' company of his. Guess gettin' stiffed day in day out ain't enough to pay the bills...not that Wario's pay of peanuts is much better.